Bethesda-Chevy Chase Jewish Community Group

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About Us

Our History

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Jewish Community Group (BCC-JCG) is the oldest organization in Montgomery County dedicated to fulfillment of the cultural, educational, and religious needs of Jewish families in the area.  Until its conception in 1941, there was no organized Jewish group in the county.  Most families were left to their own resources when it came to educating their children in Jewish customs and culture and to observing some of the ancient traditions of the Jewish faith.  When a group of these families banded together to do jointly what they could not do alone, the BCC-JCG was born.

Our Philosophy

The BCC-JCG program is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to fulfill their Jewish cultural or religious expression, or the furtherance of the Jewish education of their children, without affiliating with a formal synagogue or temple.

One of the aims is to impart to the children an understanding of, and identification with, the cultural, ethical and moral traditions of the Jewish people through the study and appreciation of the history of Judaism and its contributions to civilization.

Another aim is to develop in the children an affirmative association with their Jewish heritage through familiarization with the history, customs and significance, both past and present, of Jewish holidays, and through meaningful experience in their immediate environment.

The Sunday School

The curriculum is designed to provide a Jewish education, consistent with the Groupís philosophy. Kindergarten through seventh grade classes are held most Sundays throughout the school year at the Jewish Community Center building in Rockville, Maryland.  Additionally, we offer a mid-week Hebrew program at the JCC for ages 8 - 11.

The BCC-JCG believes that its program should encourage:

  1. Parent Participation. Involvement of the parents serves to reinforce the childís interest and facilitates the learning process.
  2. Interdisciplinary Studies. History should be taught through the interrelated subjects of art, music, literature, philosophy, customs and life styles.
  3. Varied Source Materials. Each grade, in addition to using textbooks, incorporates history, reference, biographical and holiday books. A well-stocked library is maintained.
  4. Optional mid-week Hebrew Program for both English and native speakers.
  5. A Diversity of Activities. Teachers are encouraged to include projects, movies and field trips whenever possible.
  6. Observance of Holidays. All major Jewish holidays are celebrated appropriately as part of the school curriculum.  
  7. The Understanding of Charity. The concepts of tzedakah and mitzvot are included at each grade level with appropriate projects.
  8. Current Events. In order to ensure that the studentís learning experience is relevant to todayís world, current events are emphasized appropriately in each grade.
  9. The Creative Arts. Music and Song are an integral part of the curriculum.
  10. Evaluation and Reassessment. The BCC-JCG believes that the development of curriculum is a continuing process.

Such Jews will strengthen the fabric of Jewish life, ensure the future of Judaism and the Jewish people, and approach the realization of their spiritual potential.  To question, to seek information, to want to learn are goals and attitudes we seek to develop.

To accomplish this, the BCC-JCG Sunday school will:

  • Approach holidays and the concept of God from various perspectives

  • Interrelate art, music, literature, philosophy, customs, etc. in the teaching of history and holidays

  • Utilize various resources for background material

  • Incorporate current events, as appropriate

  • Execute various teaching strategies

  • Utilize various types of instructional materials

  • Establish Tzedakah and mitzvoth projects

  • Participate in intergenerational activities

  • Encourage parent participation which reinforces the childís interest and facilitates the learning process

  • Maintain a library of relevant fiction, biographies, and non-fiction.

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